The doctor who didn’t believe in kissing

An emotional story that encourage us to overcome ourselves

We will meet a doctor who only prescribes injections and medicines. Will he cure all the patients who go through his consultation? In this emotional story we will get into the skin of a child who is afraid of punctures and who may also need a special treatment.


Tale available in both English and Spanish. The book also contains pictures to learn the alphabet through three sections:

  • Learn the alphabet
  • Letter … is for …
  • Spell it out

Other books in the series Tales to find a cure

All the tales together can also be found in a single book (both English and Spanish). However, the bilingual version includes more pictures, in both e-book and printed formats:

  • The doctor who didn’t believe in kissing
  • I will write what you say
  • So that the cats can eat
  • My lunch
  • The storyteller
  • Occupation fairies
  • Leave it as it is!
  • I can’t understand you
  • Grrrrrrr!!!
  • Leo, my best friend
  • The princess and the traveller
  • The password

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Test audio and video

If you are working with audio and video on the web, you may find useful some test resources in various formats and quality. This collection consists of various permissively licenced works you can use for testing purposes. As a bonus, they’re fun to watch and listen to.

Note that file sizes, compression and quality vary wildly. This is due to using different parameters when encoding, and the codecs themselves evolving over time.

Caminandes 3: Llamigos (2016)

It’s winter in Patagonia, food is getting scarce. Koro the Llama engages with Oti the pesky penguin in an epic fight over that last tasty berry.

Full movie (2 min, 30 sec)

  • 1080 px:
    • MP4 (24fps, H.264+AAC, 1920×1080) – 191MB
    • HEVC (24fps, H.265+AAC, 1920×1080) – 27MB
    • WEBM (24fps, VP9+Opus, 1920×1080) – 29MB
  • 720 px:
    • WEBM (24fps, VP9+Opus, 1280×720) – 22MB
    • MP4 (24fps, H.264+AAC, 1280×720) – 32MB
  • 480 px:
    • MP4 (24fps, H.264+AAC, 854×480) – 18MB



Caminandes (Creative Commons Attribution)

Sintel (2010)

The film follows a girl named Sintel who is searching for a baby dragon she befriended.

Trailer (52 sec)

  • 1080 px:
    • DivX (24fps, H.264+AAC, 1920×818) – 27MB
    • MP4 (24fps, H.264+AAC, 1920×1080 letterbox) – 14MB
    • OGV (24fps, Theora+Vorbis, 1920×1080 letterbox) – 42MB
  • 720 px:
    • DivX (24fps, H.264+AAC, 1280×544) – 14MB
    • MP4 (24fps, H.264+AAC, 1280×720, letterbox) – 7.3MB
    • OGV (24fps, Theora+Vorbis, 1280×720, letterbox) – 22MB
  • 480 px:
    • DivX (24fps, H.264+AAC, 848×360) – 7.1MB
    • MP4 (24fps, H.264+AAC, 854×480, letterbox) – 4.2MB
    • OGV (24fps, Theora+Vorbis, 854×480, letterbox) – 12MB
  • Lossless original:
    • PNG (1920×1080, 1254 frames, letterbox) – 939MB
    • FLAC (stereo, 48kHz, 721kb/s) – 4.5MB

DivX versions include subtitles: en, fr

Full movie (14 min, 48 sec)

  • 4 K:
    • MKV (24fps, H.264+AC3, 4096×1744) – 4.2GB
    • HEVC (24fps, H.265+AAC, 4096×1744) – 426MB
  • 1080 px:
    • MKV (24fps, H.264+AC3, 1920×818) – 1.1GB
    • HEVC (24fps, H.265+AAC, 1920×820) – 128MB
  • 720 px:
    • MKV (24fps, H.264+AC3, 1280×544) – 650MB

Full movie includes subtitles: en, fr, de, es, it, nl, pl, pt, ru, vn



Sintel – Blender open movie project (Creative Commons Attribution)


Licences: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)