Phaser. Unit 6. Using tilemaps to build a space shooter game

The source code and the assets

You can download this zip file to get the source code and all the assets.

Updating the map

As done previously, you can use the tile map editor to update the map. In case you have not done it yet, you can download the editor from this link and install it on your computer.

To update the map you have to go the assets folder and open the file “town.tmx” which contains the map of the example in this unit. Select a layer (on the right corner, at the top) and change anything you like (by adding or removing some objects to or from the map). When you finish, export the map to JSON format using the option “File” -> “Export as…”, and overwrite the file “town.json”, located inside the “assets” folder.

Finally check the results using your browser and move the player to go to each part of the map. You will notice that the camera will follow you on each movement. Do not forget to fully refresh the contents of the browser by pressing Ctrl+F5, since the map and some other contents are usually cached by the browser. Also move the player and check that the map has been updated with the changes you have made.

Frames per second (FPS)

You can update the number of frames per second to choose the best renderization performance for your computer:

const MAX_FPS = 25;

Using the keyboard and the mouse

In this game we are using the keys A (left), S (down), D (right), W (up) to move the player on desktop computers and the joystick for mobile devices:

  let vX = 0, vY = 0;

  // Horizontal movement
  if (wsadKeys.A.isDown || joyStick.left) vX = -speed;
  else if (wsadKeys.D.isDown || joyStick.right) vX = speed;

  // Vertical movement
  if (wsadKeys.W.isDown || joyStick.up) vY = -speed;
  else if (wsadKeys.S.isDown || joyStick.down) vY = speed;

The mouse is used for shooting on desktop computers:

  let pointer = this.input.activePointer;
  if (pointer.isDown &&, pointer.worldX - player.x, pointer.worldY - player.y);

In case you do not have any mouse, you may use the cursor keys on desktop computers, or the second joystick on mobile devices, to shoot the bullets and to choose the shooting direction:

  let vX = 0, vY = 0;

  // Horizontal bullets
  if (cursors.left.isDown || joyStick2.left) vX = -speed;
  else if (cursors.right.isDown || joyStick2.right) vX = speed;

  // Vertical bullets
  if (cursors.up.isDown || joyStick2.up) vY = -speed;
  else if (cursors.down.isDown || joyStick2.down) vY = speed;

  if (vX || vY), vX, vY);

Enjoy the game!

You may enjoy playing this wonderful game online here.